BCS-032 Non-Electrical Design Course

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  • Protection Concepts

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Title : BCS-032 Non-Electrical Design Course

This unique 3 day course specifically addresses the knowledge requirements for Non-Electrical equipment and Assemblies with regard to risk assessment and certification to ISO 80079-36 and 37 (and current equivalent ATEX Standards). It is aimed at designers or project engineers responsible for design compliance or certification of non-electrical equipment or assemblies.


  • Requirements for ATEX and IECEx non-electrical equipment and assemblies
  • Quality System Requirements (ATEX and IECEx) for equipment manufacture and unit verification.
  • Relationship with CE marking (Pressure Equipment and Machinery Directives)
  • Overview of Explosive Atmosphere and coding systems
  • Fundamentals of Risk Assessment, FMEA and FTA
  • EN1127-1 and identifying ignition hazards
  • Internal explosive atmospheres (machinery directive and zoning)
  • ISO 80079-36 in detail and the relationship with IEC60079-0
  • Defining and quantifying failure likelihood
  • Failure examples for ATEX and IECEx Non-Electrical
  • Performing ignition risk assessments (worked examples)
  • Assessment of single impact sparks (calculations)
  • Ingress Protection and mechanical testing
  • Dealing with connected electrical equipment (assemblies) and IEC60079-14
  • ISO 80079-37 in detail
  • Understanding Construction Safety
  • Loading and L10 Bearing Calculations (examples and working)
  • Calculation of rotary speeds and impacts (examples and working)
  • Moving parts assessment (conversion of RPM, m/s, angular velocity etc.)
  • Electrostatic (requirements, reduction method and tests)
  • Using control of ignition sources (SIL and safety systems)
  • Using Liquid Immersion
  • Documentation, Reports, Files and Certificates

Course Features:

  • 3 day course conducted at training providers site (or onsite at additional cost)
  • 2 hour written exam, with calculations, data sheets for bearings analysis, lubrication analysis etc.
  • Successful Candidates will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Competence’ in the design of ATEX and IEC non-electrical equipment and assemblies by the training provider.

What we say about this Course

“This intensive course has been designed to address the considerations and requirements of Non-Electrical equipment and Assemblies. With the certification landscape changing for these applications and as they become open to more scrutiny, the attendance of such a course is now invaluable”

About the Provider

Provided by a company with a wide accumulation of services within the Industry, and presented by lecturers each with over 25 years and 30 years of practical experience and knowledge. This provider has ensured that the courses fully address the subjects that they cover and that the lecturer selected has real word experience, examples and solutions to what they are teaching.


£1750 plus VAT

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