CEO-031 Electrical Trace Heating - Level 2

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Title : CEO-031 Electrical Trace Heating - Level 2

This online learning module is aimed at electrical designers who already have a solid understanding of basic to intermediate heat tracing knowledge. Its aim is to expand on that knowledge and expand into some of the more advanced areas of heat tracing. The course covers the more complex and demanding applications of trace heating, such as vessels and long lines. Upon successful completion, a certificate of completion for Design of EHT (Level 2) by the ETHIC council will be issued.


  • The various heat tracing technologies
  • Calculating stabilised heat tracing designs
  • Calculating heat losses from vessels, tanks and other equipment
  • Designing underground heating
  • Calculating Raise and Maintain losses
  • Design road, pavement and stair heating (non-hazardous area)
  • Long-line considerations
  • Design of Long-line heating systems
  • Introduction to skin-effect heating systems
  • Complex control and monitoring systems

Course Features:

  • Course duration is approximately 2-4 hours, and lessons can be paused and continued at a time and pace to suit you.
  • A certificate of completion for Design of EHT (Level 2) by the ETHIC council will be issued upon successful completion (Student must read all of the lesson content and complete the tests in the E-Academy with at least 85% correct)
  • Candidates should already be an experienced heat-tracing designer or have covered the beginners module followed by a period of practising the topics contained within that module.

What we say about this Course

“This detailed course covers various equipment scenarios such as tanks and vessels, and the different considerations and calculations when using trace heating to raise, melt or maintain. This course is suited to those who wish to develop their existing knowledge and skills within trace heating, and those who come into contact with more complex and demanding applications”

About the Provider

Established for almost 30 years, this Industry Council was formed by prominent figures within the electric trace heating community. As well as being involved in the development of trace heating standards, they have also developed online tutorials to promote the safe correct design and installation of electric trace heating.


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