CEO-030 Electrical Trace Heating - Level 1

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Title : CEO-030 Electrical Trace Heating - Level 1

This online learning module is aimed at electrical designers and plant personnel who require an understanding of trace heating and the ability to design relatively simple heat tracing systems for pipes. The course covers the fundamental considerations and calculations for electrical trace heating and the requirements when selecting heating cable and ancillaries. Upon successful completion, a certificate of completion for Design of EHT (Level 1) by the ETHIC council will be issued.


  • What heat tracing is used for, the types of heat tracing systems, and the industry areas that it can be useful in.
  • The relevant international standards that govern heat tracing.
  • Principles of Heat Loss.
  • Heat calculations for maintaining a pipe at particular temperatures.
  • Analysis of large or small piping systems and how to break it down into manageable and logical groups.
  • Selection of the correct heating cable for the system.
  • Ancillaries required to complete the system, and the selection considerations.
  • Power calculations and requirements for the heating system.
  • Hazardous Area Design considerations

Course Features:

  • Course duration is approximately 3-4 hours, and lessons can be paused and continued at a time and pace to suit you.
  • A certificate of completion for Design of EHT (Level 1) by the ETHIC council will be issued upon successful completion (Student must read all of the lesson content and complete the tests in the E-Academy with at least 85% correct)
  • Candidates should already have an awareness of electrical distribution systems and simple mechanical theory before sitting this course.
  • Level 2 course also available (Covering heating of vessels, tanks and large equipment plus long line applications.)

What we say about this Course

“A valuable course to anyone involved in the design, selection of electric trace heating. A worthwhile training exercise that ensures systems are calculated, selected, and supplied correctly, with the benefit to both the attendee and their employer clear”

About the Provider

Established for almost 30 years, this Industry Council was formed by prominent figures within the electric trace heating community. As well as being involved in the development of trace heating standards, they have also developed online tutorials to promote the safe correct design and installation of electric trace heating.


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