AES-028 Certification for Russia (And Customs Union)

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Title : AES-028 Certification for Russia (And Customs Union)

This course is designed to give manufacturers in-depth knowledge and understanding in the area of certification for Russia and Customs Union. Prepared and delivered by an experienced Russian Ex Certification provider, the course focuses on the technical and documentation requirements for this region. Provided by webinar (although also available on-site) this 1 day training will give delegates the level of awareness required to effectively and successfully achieve Ex approval for Customs Union.


  • Introduction to Technical Regulations in Russia and Customs Union
  • Mandatory Certification of TR CU and transition from GOST R
  • Overview of Technical Regulations (safety of equipment to be operated in explosive atmospheres, safety of machines and equipment, safety of gas-fired devices, safety of low-voltage equipment, Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means)
  • Marking of equipment
  • Information about certificates TR CU
  • Roles and responsibilities of a representative
  • Harmonization of standards, comparing EN/IEC and Russian standards
  • Test procedure (in an accredited laboratory, at Manufacturer’s factory, at a special site or in the territory of an accredited testing laboratory)
  • Translation of European Ex marking in accordance with Russian standards
  • Non-electrical equipment

Course Features:

  • 1 day training by webinar (or on-site at additional cost)
  • Q & A sessions built into the programme at the end of each section, to ensure thorough understanding of the content.
  • An online copy of the course presentation is provided after the course is complete

What we say about this Course

‘This course provides essential knowledge on the certification process in Russia and the wider Customs Union. Ideal for those who are planning on pursuing certification, transitioning from GOST-R, or who need to understand the technical and documentation requirements as part of their job role. Also valuable to consultants who are looking to offer global project management as part of their services’

About the Provider

This Russian provider has a pragmatic approach to certification in the Hazardous Area Industry, and this is also evident in their approach to training. As an assessment and certification body for TR CU, they translate their extensive knowledge and experience into courses that are thorough and easy to understand.


£2,000 plus VAT*

*Price based upon a 1 day webinar and up to 5 delegates from the 1 organisation. Alternative requirements (including on-site) can be quoted on an individual basis.

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