ACO-027 Certification for Manufacturers

Training Content

  • IECEx Scheme
  • ATEX Scheme
  • Quality Requirements

Training Type

  • Classroom


  • United Kingdom


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Title : ACO-027 Certification for Manufacturers

Designed for manufacturers who require a solid background in Hazardous Area Product Certification Principles. This course looks at the main principles of IECEx and ATEX Directives including the requirements and responsibilities of those involved.


  • Properties of flammable materials
  • Area Classification (overview)
  • Grouping & Temperature Classification
  • Categories, EPL’s & Marking
  • Protection Equipment Types (Electrical, Non-Electrical & Dusts)
  • Certification Processes Overview (IECEx/ATEX/North America/Others)
  • ATEX Certification
  • IECEx Scheme
  • Certification Process (relationship between manufacturer & certification body)
  • Quality (IECEx/ATEX and North America)
  • Self Declaration
  • Legislation Overview

Course Features:

  • 1 day intensive Ex manufacturer training
  • Q & A sessions built into the programme, with optional Self-Certification Exercise (if applicable)
  • A copy of course notes is provided, and a certificate of attendance issued

What we say about this Course

‘This course provides delegates with essential knowledge on the certification process and a detailed understanding of the requirements. It offers a valuable insight into certification, with the benefit of the course being fully realised in subsequent projects’

About the Provider

With a considerable presence in the Hazardous Area Industry, this provider has developed a number of specialisms in this field, its largest being within the certification sector. Their extensive knowledge and experience is strongly represented in both the quality of their courses and their lecturer’s confidence in the training course subjects.


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