ASO-025 Hazardous Area Requirements - Bespoke

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  • Installation Requirements
  • Inspections Requirements

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Title : ASO-025 Hazardous Area Requirements - Bespoke

A bespoke approach to On-site Ex Training, this course covers up to 16 ‘Mix and Match’ modules covering the core principles such as hazardous area definitions, through to more specific topics such as cable types and gland selection. Most suited to those in a role that involves installation, inspection, and reporting of hazardous area equipment, this unique training approach enables each course to be bespoke to the site and its delegates.

Inclusive Bespoke Selective Modules:

  • Module 1: Current Standards in Manufacturing, Installation, Inspection Reports. Competencies.  
  • Module 2: Definitions Properties (1) Fire Triangle, FEL, Sources of Ignition, Flashpoint, MIE, Gas Grouping, Applications and On-site references.  
  • Module 3: Definitions Properties (2) T-Classes, Vapour Density, Area Classification, I.P. Ratings.
  • Module 4: EN (IEC) Standards and ATEX Categories. EPLs. Certification, Labelling and Marking.
  • Module 5: Flameproof Protection Method Ex d. Sample On-site practices. Inspection Schedules and Reporting.
  • Module 6: Wiring Systems (1) Cable Types, Cable Gland selection. Termination methods relative to Protection type. Sample On-site practices.
  • Module 7: Wiring Systems (2) Earth Practices for L.V. Power Systems and Intrinsic Safety Protection. Earth Continuity testing, EFL Impedance, Prospective Fault current measurement.
  • Module 8: Inspection of Installations (1) EN (IEC) 60079-17 Grades of Inspection; Schedules of Inspection. Checklists in compiling of Inspections and Reporting.
  • Module 9: Inspection of Installations (2) Detailed Reports specific to installed Equipment for Ex d, Ex e, Ex n types. Ex tD, Ex p and Ex i Intrinsic Safety systems.
  • Module 10: Increased Safety Protection Method Ex e, Sample On-site Practices, Inspection schedules and reporting.
  • Module 11: Equipment protection Ex n Types – Ex nA, Ex nR, Ex nL. Consideration of Ex nC. Sample On-site practices and inspections.
  • Module 12: Pressurization Protection Method Ex p. Enclosure Types and arrangements. Inspection Schedules. Sample On-site practices.
  • Module 13: Intrinsic Safety Protection Method Types Ex i. On-site practices. Safety guidance involving I.S. circuit testing.
  • Module 14: Other and Combined Methods of Protection. Examples Ex o, Ex q, Ex m and Special Protection Type Ex s – Current standards development.
  • Module 15: Dust Ignition Protection Methods considering current EN (IEC) 60079-0 standard and EN (IEC) 60079-14; and EN (IEC) 60079-17; EN (IEC) 60079-31.
  • Module 16: North American and Other International Hazardous Area Standards Approvals.

Course Features:

  • ‘Mix and match’ modules allow a tailored approach to training package
  • Written exam after each module, with certificate issued by the provider for passing
  • Protected copy of course slides provided on CD
  • We recommend taking detailed notes during the course
  • Course duration varies from 1 to 5 days typically depending on module program selected

What we say about this Course

‘The wide range of modules creates a really bespoke feel to the training and ensures that course content is relevant and topical. It allows the trainer and the delegates to really focus on the pertinent areas where knowledge transfer is required’

About the Provider

With extensive experience in the training sector of the International Hazardous Area Industry, this Aberdeen based provider has a wealth of knowledge coupled with an understanding of how to best deliver training courses worldwide to maximum effect. Having inputted to shape the training and competence landscape over his career, the trainer has an extensive number of years’ experience within Electrical Hazardous Areas practices/consultancies in the Oil, Gas and Petro-chemical sectors globally.


£2.970 plus VAT* (Travel and accommodation additional)

*Price based upon up to 5 delegates, UK location, and course duration of 2 days. Dependent on location, number of delegate’s and course duration, costs may vary.

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