• North America (CSA, FM, UL)
  • Canada


  • US Gas - (Class I)
  • US Dust - (Class II)
  • US Fibres - (Class III)


  • US Gas Area - Div 2
  • US Dust Area - Div 2
  • US Fibres Area - Div 1


  • US Gas Temp. - T2 (300C) *
  • Lower Ambient Temp - -20C
  • Higher Ambient Temp - Greater than +40C


  • US Gas Concept - AEx / Ex nA (NI)
  • US Dust Concept - AEx / Ex ta / tb / tc


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E2S Warning Signals E2xL25 PA Loudspeaker 25W

Warning Systems » Loudspeakers - PA / GA Systems (Public Address & General Alarm)

The E2xL25 is available with either a 70V or 100V line transformer or as a low impedance loudspeaker. The E2x range features enclosures manufactured from lightweight, corrosion proof PPS and high impact, fire retardant ABS re-entrant flare horns; both of which are suitable for the harshest of environments. The hazardous area E2xL25 PA loudspeaker is UL approved for Class I Div 2 applications.

Key Features:

  •     Very large termination area.
  •     Ratchet adjustable stainless steel ‘U’ bracket.
  •     Transformer type fitted with thermal fuse
  •     Complies with BS5839 part 8

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