• North America (CSA, FM, UL)
  • Canada


  • US Gas - (Class I)
  • US Dust - (Class II)
  • US Fibres - (Class III)


  • US Gas Area - Zone 1
  • US Gas Area - Div 1
  • US Dust Area - Zone 20
  • US Dust Area - Div 1
  • US Fibres Area - Div 1


  • US Gas Temp. - T6 (85C) *
  • US Dust Temp. - T135C *
  • Lower Ambient Temp - Lower than -20C
  • Higher Ambient Temp - Greater than +40C


  • US Gas Concept - AEx / Ex d (XP)
  • US Dust Concept - AEx / Ex ta / tb / tc


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E2S Warning Signals D1xC1X10R Radial Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe

Warning Systems » Audio Sounders / Horns

The D1xC1X10R is a high output alarm horn sounder with omni-directional radial horn combined with a 1,000,000cd Xenon strobe beacon. Suitable for all Class I & II Division 1, Zone 1 & 20 explosion proof applications, the D1xC1X10R is Type 4/4X, IP66 with marine grade, corrosion proof aluminium enclosure.

The D1xC1X10R features a 115dB(A) horn & 10 Joule Xenon Strobe and may be powered from a common or dual supply allowing simultaneous or independent operation. The DC version is approved for public mode fire alarm use (alarm horn) and private mode fire alarm use (strobe beacon). It features 64 alarm sounds, and the alarm tone frequencies for the first 2 stages are independently selectable. Each of the available 4 stage/channels can be remotely triggered e.g. via an external relay.

Key Features:

  •     Automatic synchronisation on multi-beacon & sounder systems.
  •     User selectable strobe flash rates
  •     Ratchet adjustable stainless steel ‘U’ bracket.
  •     High output alarm horn, up to 115dB(A)
  •     Xenon strobe - private mode fire alarm use
  •     Alarm horn - public mode fire alarm use
  •     4 remotely selectable alarm stages/channels
  •     Positive or negative line stage/channel switching
  •     Choice of 64 alarm tone frequencies
  •     Compact form factor
  •     Robust corrosion proof aluminium enclosure
  •     Stainless steel fixings
  •     Triple cable entries
  •     Duplicate cable terminations

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