• European Union (ATEX)
  • IECEx
  • Russia (TR CU, GOST, EAC)


  • Gas - IIC
  • Dust - IIIC


  • Gas Area - Zone 1
  • Dust Area - Zone 21


  • Gas Temp. - T3 (200C)
  • Dust Temp. - T200C
  • Lower Ambient Temp - Lower than -20C
  • Higher Ambient Temp - Greater than +40C


  • Gas Concept - Ex e
  • Dust Concept - Ex ta / tb / tc


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Heat Trace FS+ Failsafe Self-Regulating Heating Cable

Heating, Cooling & Ventilation » Heat Trace Cables & Accessories

FailSafe+ is an industrial grade self-regulating heating cable that can be used for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels up to 225ºC. It can be cut-to-length at site to match exact piping lengths without any complicated design considerations.

FailSafe+ can be provided with a continuous metal outer jacket which is ductile, yet withstands high mechanical loads, thus averting damage when installed in arduous environments. Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability.

FailSafe+ will not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped upon itself. Its power output self-regulates in response to the pipe temperature.

FailSafe+ is also available with a fluoropolymer or silicone rubber outer jacket when greater corrosion resistance is required.

The installation of FailSafe+ is quick and simple and requires no special skills or tools. Termination, splicing and power connection components are all provided in convenient kits.

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